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About Klepto Geckos!

Hi! I am Heather, the founder of Klepto Geckos. Together with the best other half one could ask for my dreams have come true!

I got into reptiles many moons ago, and have kept many different species along the way. My passion for animals started as a child, and extended to the weird and wonderful world of reptiles in my teens. I have worked in vet offices, rescues, pet stores, and as a pet groomer. I got my first Crested Gecko Stitch in 2014, and she instantly stole my heart and kicked off a forever obsession with those sticky little feet!

Along with a wide collection of geckos, we have other pets including a snake, rats and a sphynx. We also have a large collection of rare and exotic plants! 

Most recently, I began the long journey to become a Registered Massage Therapist. With this journey, I have decided to cut back on breeding while in school, as it takes up much of my time.

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