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Terms Of Service

Please do not inquire about animals until you have read and fully understand the TOS. If you inquire, this means you are accepting all Terms of Service.

All animal sales are final. No exchanges or refunds will be issued, except in the conditions outlined below.

30 Day Hold Terms

Payment plans are offered as a courtesy and convenience to the buyer.

Payment plans are available for purchases over $200 CAD. Payment plans are set up over a 30-day period, during which time the animal(s) will be placed “on hold” for the buyer and will not be eligible for purchase by anyone else.

Any available animal(s) may be placed on a 30-Day Hold with receipt of a minimum 25% non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of the total amount. Once the deposit is received, the animal(s) will be officially marked as “ON HOLD”. During this hold period, we will no longer entertain any other offers to purchase the animal(s). All animals on hold will be given the same treatment as our own collection.


The remaining balance must be paid in full by 11:59PM PST on the 30th day. We do not set up scheduled payment plans. Payments are your own responsibility! You may pay in increments instead of lump sum as long as the total balance is satisfied by the end of the hold period.

As payments are received, we will confirm the amount received as well as the remaining balance due. Once the total balance is satisfied, the animal/s will be marked as “SOLD” and shipment will be scheduled for the soonest possible date based on weather conditions and the availability of both parties.

If the total balance is not satisfied by 11:59PM PST on the 30th day, the animal(s) will be removed from hold status & placed back on the available page. Any monies collected toward the purchase of the animal(s) (minus the 25% non-refundable deposit) will be converted to store credit. Store credit has no expiration date & can be used toward the purchase of any available animal, but not toward another hold or deposit. The 25% non-refundable deposit will be retained by Klepto Geckos. Refund is issued the same as it is received. 


Payment plans are offered as a courtesy and convenience to the buyer. Buyers who place an animal/s on hold, and do not satisfy the balance by the end of the hold period, will not be eligible to make purchases using a payment plan with Klepto Geckos for future purchases.


In the event that the buyer does not satisfy the balance by the end of the hold period, Klepto Geckos will follow protocol as outlined above, the buyer will not use social media or any other outlet to speak negatively about Klepto Geckos for holding to these terms. Again, payment plans are offered as a courtesy and convenience to the buyer, and Klepto Geckos shall see no harm in offering these payment plans or holding to the terms set in regards to them.

In the unlikely event that the hold animal falls ill or otherwise becomes unsuitable for purchase during the duration of the hold period, the buyer will be notified immediately, the gecko will be removed from “Hold” status, and all monies collected (including the 25% deposit) will be refunded. Tail drops are not a reason to ask for discounts or refunds. 


There is no extra charge for winter holds. Shipping is paid about a week before shipping, which is determined by weather but we will keep you updated as shipping becomes available.


If you have any questions about our 30-Day Hold Terms or Winter Holds, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

7 Day Health Guarantee

The health of our animals is guaranteed for 7 days upon receiving them. Should anything happen within these 7 days please contact us immediately. Photos of the animal(s), the setup and some additional information regarding your care will be required. A full refund, store credit or replacement of a similar value MAY be given provided it is determined the issue/death is at no fault of the buyer. Replacement or refunds do not include the price of shipping. Any replacement shipping will be at the cost of the buyer.


Probable sex means the sex of the animal is not guaranteed and is based off our observations with pore checking. There will be no refunds regarding the sex of animal(s) sold as "probable". Confirmed sex means the sex of the animal is guaranteed based off our observations.

Tail Loss

Tail loss while in our care or during shipping is out of our control. We do not offer any refunds or discounts for tail loss.


In the rare and unfortunate case of a DOA, we will need to be contacted immediately. A full refund, store credit or replacement of similar value will be offered. We do not offer refunds on shipping costs, and any replacement shipping will be at the cost of the buyer. 

If you have any questions regarding our health guarantee, or our sexing, tail loss or DOA terms, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

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